Clean water for the Mkhombo community in Zimbabwe

Clean water for the Mkhombo community in Zimbabwe

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We are collecting donations to help bring clean drinking water to Pelisa's family and community back home!

Our sister-in-Christ Pelisa is from Zimbabwe.  "I come from a small rural village of 27 homes called Mkhombo,  Midlands province.  Last year I discovered that our 45 year old well which supplied water to 9 families was drying up.”  Their well dried up, leaving Pelisa's parents, her children and the rest of the village without local water.  Her two sons had been going 8kms away twice a day to fetch water for families in their community.  “So they had been doing this since March, but it can’t be permanent.”   Pelisa had been working to save up enough money to have a new well drilled for her village.  She says “They're ok without electricity, and some without enough food, they do share the little they get. But when they have to fetch water from so far they are at risk of it infecting them with Cholera and Typhoid.”

She was able to send home USD 4,000 earlier this year and they drilled a borehole and installed a pump for clean water , providing 27 families with safe water to drink.

Now, Pelisa is working on saving up USD 4,000 to send home so they can drill another borehole and install a water pump for the other side of their community.  The cost of drilling of the borehole is USD 2,000 and the cost of installing the hand pump is USD 2,000.

If you would like to join us in helping Pelisa serve and bless her village in Zimbabwe, you can fullfill your donation by wiring the funds to the bank account in the checkout process (Korea only) or sending through Paypal. 

For all funds sent to this account, only US Credit Card holders and Paypal users will be able to receive US Tax Documents. All other funds are qualified for Korean Tax Documents only. Funds sent in South Korean Won cannot be applied to US Tax Documents.

All USD funds will be sent to Gospel City Church via Footstool Mission Center. 


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