Hope Bridge's Covid-19 Response

Hope Bridge's Covid-19 Response

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One Time Donation

One Time Donation

About This Project

The Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association has been working closely with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and local governments since January 17, when the confirmed cases occurred. We have provided 220,000 relief goods so far, including corporate relief kits for Korean residents and children in quarantine facilities in Asan, Jincheon and Icheon. (As of 2/26/2020)

Relief Kit

Donations will go toward aid in the following three ways:

1. Cheer up, medical staff! Health Kit: Health kits sent to medical staff and volunteers fighting in the frontlines.

2. Care package for people who are self-quarantined: Sending daily necessities and groceries to those who are in house quarantines for two weeks or more.

3. Personal hygiene kits for disaster-prone households: Personal hygiene products (including masks and sanitizer) sent to people in highly infected areas.


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