2021 Maya Fund Christmas Fundraiser

2021 Maya Fund Christmas Fundraiser

$2,306 raised

This project is fully funded. Thank you for your support!

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One Time Donation

About This Project

The Maya Fund started last year in honor of Maya, a single mother who had come through our church doors in need of support and guidance. Gospel City Church, alongside Women's Hope Center, had walked with her and helped take care of her young daughter. This year, we are partnering with Women's Hope Center again, a crisis pregnancy center based in South Korea that seeks to support women who find themselves pregnant in vulnerable situations and single mothers who need assistance. All proceeds will go to help women in crisis pregnancies and single mothers in Korea.

This year, Gospel City will fundraise 2 million and give an additional 1 million from our outreach budget.  In total, we will be giving 3 million during this holiday season. Join us in supporting them!


-For God to continue working through Women's Hope Center to bring practical help, support, and hope in Christ Jesus to the single mothers in Korea.

-For women in crisis pregnancy situations to experience the love and grace of Jesus in their every day lives. Pray for those who have difficult decisions and situations they must face. Pray for them to live hope-filled lives, centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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