2021 Nanumi Fundraiser

2021 Nanumi Fundraiser

$1,114 raised

This project is fully funded. Thank you for your support!

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  • Benevolence
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How You Can Help

One Time Donation

One Time Donation

About This Project

For The City, Gospel City's justice and mercy ministry, has partnered once again with Nanumi to bless and serve the homeless in Seoul.

All proceeds will go towards providing meal packets for the homeless who live near Seoul Station and its surrounding area as well as renovating a space that Nanumi uses to provide respite for the homeless in Seoul.

We are receiving donations until OCTOBER 24, 2021.


- PRAY (prayer requests below)

- DONATE via this webpage!

- PURCHASE on-site/online Gospel City t-shirt sales (for online delivery purchases, click here)

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Nanumi as they faithfully keep serving the homeless on a daily basis.

Pray also for the safety, health, and life transformation of the homeless in Korea. Pray that they can experience God's love and grace through our prayer and acts of love in this season.

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