New Ministry Office Gift Registry

New Ministry Office Gift Registry

$1,516 raised

This project is no longer accepting donations. Thank you for your support!

  • Gospel City Church
  • new GCC home
  • Donations to this project are tax-deductible

How You Can Help

One Time Donation

One Time Donation

About This Project

We are moving into our new ministry office space this coming January 2021 and we need your help furnishing the space. Located right next to SYS Church, the space will include offices for our staff, meeting space for small groups, and a practice booth for our praise team.


As you give, please email us at to let us know which item you would like purchased with your donation. Or if you are just donating without a specific item in mind, please let us know that too.


Email example:

1) Hello Gospel City, I just donated (fill in blank with amount) for the purchase of the (fill in blank with item).


2) Hello Gospel City, I just donated (fill in blank with amount) to purchase whatever you guys need!


Thank you for your donation and we look forward to having you come by our office!



Donation List

  1. Office Computer * ₩890,000 (x2) = ₩1,780,000
  2. Large TV 1,100,000
  3. Office Chairs* ₩179,000 (x4) = ₩716,000
  4. Whiteboard* ₩139,000 (x4) = ₩556,000
  5. Large Sofa ₩550,000
  6. Computer Monitor 24”* ₩105,000 (x3) = ₩315,000
  7. Conference Table ₩300,000
  8. Color Printer w/ scanner - ₩300,000
  9. Vacuum ₩300,000
  10. Bar Stools* ₩70,000 (x4) = ₩280,000
  11. Laptop Monitor Stand* ₩53,000 (x3) = ₩212,000
  12. Computer Monitor 27” ₩150,000
  13. General office supplies ₩150,000
  14. General kitchen supplies ₩150,000
  15. Folding Chairs* ₩12,000 (x15) = ₩180,000
  16. Coffee Table ₩100,000

*For items with multiple quantities, you can donate for just one of that item or for however many you wish. 


Fulfilled List

  1. Nespresso Coffee Machine ₩80,000
  2. Step Ladder ₩35,000
  3. Refrigerator ₩100,000
  4. Microwave ₩125,000
  5. Single-seat Sofa* ₩100,000 (x2) = ₩200,000
  6. Laptop Monitor Stand* ₩53,000

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