Sangrok Orphanage Christmas Fundraiser

Sangrok Orphanage Christmas Fundraiser

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One Time Donation

One Time Donation

About This Project

For the past year, we have not been able to serve our friends at Sangrok Orphanage due to Covid-19. We’ve asked them how we can serve them during this Christmas season and they compiled a general list of household essentials and food times.

Church, let’s love our neighbors by providing for them the following items! (You are welcome to give funds or bring products on Sunday for donation.)

House essentials list: laundry detergent, shampoo, body soap, lotions, hand cream, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, wet tissue, Kleenex, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush, paste, masks, etc.

Food: chocolate, cookies, gummy vitamins, jellies, canned food, fruits, ramen, etc.

**We’re collecting funds for two different outreaches, so please leave a memo that says whether this is for the Orphanage or the Homeless Outreach.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

We are accepting donations until December 20, 2020.

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